EGGS ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

19 July 2010


So I got some eggs and immediately felt better. Eggs are clearly the best of all possible ideas, especially when you cook them at home. I'm not particularly into restaurant eggs for a few reasons.

1. Everyone cooks eggs to their own preference/in a particular style. So if you happen to be at a French restaurant, for instance, a poached egg is going to be totally runny and albuminical throughout not just the yolk but also the white. GROSS. That degree of runniness actually gives me an upset stomach. If you cook at home, you control the egg.

2. Eggs must be eaten as absolutely hot as possible. Now, ok, taking pictures for foodblog does not exactly encourage this, but at least I know my eggs haven't been sitting at the pass for five minutes before I get them.

That said, I will totally eat a diner egg. I just like my own eggs better. I got a dozen at the Lebanese market and hand-picked another six brown eggs at the farmer's market and felt excellent about my prospects.


I always cook fried eggs with the steam method, which should be no surprise to anyone who's been hanging around here for any length of time. Heat pan on medium-high; melt butter; crack in egg; let set for maybe 30 seconds; add splash of water; slap on lid; shake pan to get water under the egg; let steam until done to your preference. I make my whites solid and my yolks liquid, for maximal toast absorption. You can start toasting bread before you ever put the egg in the pan.

Next, scrambled egg with onion, tomato, corn cut off the cob, and hot pepper.

I was going to add black beans to this one, but it was too late for the leftover container in our fridge. So we just had to make do with all the other delicious vegetable content. Oh no, fresh corn and heirloom tomatoes from the farmer's market! HA.

Since scrambled eggs with various additions were clearly a great idea, I went ahead and made even more.

This time I chopped up some red onion, green beans, and a sliver of red pepper, cooked them quickly in butter, and broke an egg over the top. After a vigorous scrambling, a grind of salt and pepper, and a handful of chopped dill, they were perfect. I warmed up some tiny exciting Lebanese market pita, cut them in half, and stuffed them with the egg-vegetable business.

This one was the best iteration yet. I mean, dill in egg salad is a given, right? It is for me, and should be for you. I'd never tried it with scrambled egg before, though. Clearly, I have been missing out for years and years.

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