In the meantime ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

09 July 2010

In the meantime

Living near the Lebanese market is clearly an excellent situation. We walked out a couple days ago with a pint of black mission figs and a bag of extremely fresh, excellent, tiny wheat pita. At home I still had (and have) the remains of a massive 1-pound container of labneh. Everything was clearly screaming to be mashed together and eaten as soon as possible.

So I warmed up the pitas in the toaster oven, cut them in half, smeared the insides with labneh, and stuffed them with sliced peppered figs. I realized too late that we didn't have any herbs; if only I'd also bought one of the market's huge bags of basil or mint! Chopped mint would have made this completely over the top. I did have a basil seedling that needed thinning, though, so I picked it to use the leaves. Hey, it's just barely too big to be microbasil! HA. Of course, it was also in the ground approximately 30 seconds before I took these pictures, so that's perfectly satisfactory.


management said...

This summer spread made me think of you! Boggy Creek Farm

eileen said...

hell yes!! VEGETABLES.