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02 October 2010

Public service announcement

Yeah, so when you see a bottle of wine that looks like this? Do NOT buy it.

Let's take a closer look.

First: novelty font. And what is the long S doing here? Are you a 17th-early 20th century document, bottle of wine? No. Let's not even get into the fact that they're using a long S as an F.

Next, not only is this bottle covered with plastic, but the plastic is white. Is opaque white a color you should associate with wine? NO.

You may also note that this is a riesling. While I have had a number of decent rieslings in the past ten years, they've all been fairly expensive. This one cost $7.

Tasting notes:
- Smelled like ok, slightly sweet, cheap white wine.
- On first sip, reaction began with an "I guess this isn't so ba--"
- Then the wine hit the back of the throat, releasing a revolting and pungent aftertaste. No similarities to any human-consumption-oriented tastes found in nature.
- Vomit reflex kicked in. "UGH we can't even use this for COOKING UGH OH"
- Poured entire bottle down sink.

In conclusion: don't be an idiot and buy the novelty wine, now matter how ridiculous a mood you may be in. REGRETS ABOUND.

PS: We are in NYC! I forgot my camera! We ate at a diner ASAP, at approximately 1:30a. Oh, NYC, we missed you so, and we haven't even gone to Brooklyn yet.

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