It is lunchtime: avocado and red pepper sandwich ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

17 November 2010

It is lunchtime: avocado and red pepper sandwich

Check out what I had today: excellent, dense, farmer's market rye/onion/poppyseed bread with sliced avocado (yes, there is some under there; I checked), arugula, red pepper roasted over the gas burner, tomato, salt, pepper, and a little red wine dijon vinaigrette.

Incidentally, dudes, I highly recommend making your own vinaigrette. I made this one from the Bouchon Cookbook weeks ago, and it is awesome. My only change was to sub in olive oil for half the veg oil. Since then, we've eaten it on greens, rice, and sandwiches, and yet we've barely made a dent in the jar. It's definitely worth the three minutes of effort.


Rebecca said...

Oh man! I was just about to google around for a good vinaigrette technique, since my csa box provider has promised to give me a head of lettuce a week all winter and I hate bottled dressing. This one sounds simple and perfect.

eileen said...

You should definitely try it--the recipe makes a ton, and the blender method actually emulsifies the oil and vinegar so the finished result doesn't separate. Shocking! Shocking yet awesome!

Jes said...

Oh man, I am in jealous love with those tomatoes! What beauties! And homemade vinaigrette is the jam!

eileen said...

Yeah! Tomatoes are tied with figs for the #1 best reason to live in CA. Of course, the tradeoff is no real serious frost-crisp winter veg, and no gorgeous fall leaf display, both of which I know you get in abundance in western VA. We can form a mutual envy society. :)