Pre-thanksgiving 2010 ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

24 November 2010

Pre-thanksgiving 2010

OK! We are having vegan orphans' thanksgiving with Chrissy and Ben tomorrow. Today is therefore the day for running to various stores, cleaning various items, and baking various cookies and breads. Needless to say, I haven't gotten an overabundance of actual Work work done.

We are making:

- Bean soup (Tuscan white bean, or white bean and carrot)
- Barley salad w/ scallions, wilted chard, black pepper, what else?
- Roast veg: brussels sprouts, sweet potato, carrot, radish, onion, etc., with hedge rosemary and/or vinaigrette
- Mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy
- Cranberry sauce
- Wiltable winter greens (i.e. more chard, prob w/ garlic), and/or green salad
- Baking powder biscuits
- Cranberry orange bread
- Molasses gingersnaps
- Wine

Chrissy and Ben are bringing:

- Pumpkin pie
- A field roast (i.e. seitan)
- Raw citrus salad
- More wine

This is our first thanksgiving with actual guests in a good three years! EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS.

I am totally going to go put on the white beans to boil in a minute. Also: gingersnaps. Also also: can you believe the amount of food we expect four people to be able to eat? The correct answer is "no." Fortunately, I also bought a bunch of containers by means of which to send leftovers home with people. Forethought!

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