Kale continues awesome ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

25 February 2011

Kale continues awesome

Especially when it's breakfast:

Breakfast greens

olive oil
red cabbage
sriracha sauce/other hot chili business

First, slice up a handful of almonds--or use presliced, whatev--and toast them gently in a frying pan. Stir often and watch closely to prevent any burning. It should take less than five minutes to get a nice golden-brown tinge on most of your almonds. When this happens, immediately take them out of the hot pan and set them aside.

Wash and chop up roughly equal amounts of kale (destemmed) and cabbage. If you don't have kale or cabbage, any other hardy greens you have lying around will work fine. Use as many greens as you want to eat. Personally, I will eat all the greens in the land, so I used half a bunch of kale and a big wedge of cabbage.

Sauté your greens over high heat with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt. It should take maybe five minutes for everything to cook through.

If you prefer milder food, you can add a little sriracha sauce at the beginning of cooking, or just leave it out entirely. If you leave it out, I recommend adding a squeeze of lemon juice to the finished product instead. If you like spicy food, however, you should add your sriracha after you've taken the finished greens off the heat; this keeps the hot oils from evaporating, and makes the greens much more spicy. Guess which method I chose.

Slide your greens onto a plate, scatter toasty almonds over the top, and eat vigorously.

Plenty of tea is a good idea.


Sammie said...

I don't think I've ever cooked with kale but all your posts using kale have inspired me! They all look so delicious I just don't know which one to try first.

Eileen said...

Sammie, you should definitely try it! I guess which recipe you make depends on the role you want kale to fill--this kale & cabbage could easily go alongside eggs, tofu, or meat, like any veg side, while the pastas and soups are more one-bowl meals. Either way, it's definitely delicious.