Oatmeal with berries ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

08 June 2011

Oatmeal with berries

I had oatmeal with all the fruit in the refrigerator. Hooray!

Why don't more people love and revere oatmeal? Do they have bad childhood associations? Are they sick of the artificial flavors in the little instant packets? Or is washing all the gack off the pan the problem?

To make oatmeal

Put roughly equal amounts rolled oats and water in a saucepan with a pinch of salt. Make sure the water covers the oats. Heat to a boil; cook for about five minutes, or until oatmeal reaches your desired texture. Put into bowl, add whatever you like on your oatmeal, and eat.

One thing I learned from this breakfast: I don't like warm apricots. Warm strawberries? Yes. Warm apricot jam? Yes, sure. Warm apricots? No. Why? I have no idea.


Catherine said...

I actually love oatmeal, but don't eat it very often because it does NOT keep me full. I know everyone swears by it . . . just doesn't work for me!

Yours looks delicious, though!

Eileen said...

That's really interesting--it completely keeps me full all morning! This may have something to do with the yogurt and nuts I often eat with my oatmeal, though.

Catherine said...

It's weird -- I feel totally stuffed after oatmeal, (and I usually add nut butter and fruit, so there's plenty of fiber/protein,) and then about an hour later, my stomach starts to growl! It's so weird. I don't get it.

Erika K said...

I grew up with oatmeal every single morning. Breakfast of champions! I wasn't so hip on adding fruit at the time - the maple brown sugar version was just fine with me. But I should try it with berries now that I'm a grown-up ;)

I agree that having a bit of yogurt in the morning seems to make the difference between being satisfied 'til noon and needing a "second breakfast".

Erika K

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