Quick note for your edification ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

10 June 2011

Quick note for your edification

You guys, we're moving on Monday! Woo! Yeah!

We're only moving about six blocks, but it's still exciting. For one thing, it means we get to move all our food, including frozen food, which is a great experience after so many cross-country endeavours. It also means we get a brand new yard, containing not only a few garden-ready beds and a premade compost pile, but also a lemon tree, an orange tree, a plum tree, and a pineapple guava tree. AWESOME!!!

Ok! I have to go clean and/or organize all the things, but I will be back...in THE FUTURE!

(Yes, this is a very cutesy entry; I don't care. I'm excited! Excitement for all!)


Rebecca said...

LEMON TREE omg I am so jealous.

Good luck with the move!

Catherine said...

I'm jealous of your yard! It sounds gorgeous -- post pictures when you can.

I just moved yesterday, so I hear ya! Exciting, but a LOT of work. Still have so much unpacking to do! Must find my kitchen by dinnertime.

Jes said...

Citrus trees!!! Amazing! Post pictures post-move when you're more settled in :) Congrats!

Eileen said...

Yay! Thanks!

We are in house and have a reasonable amount of boxes unpacked. Once I get my brain back together there will be pictures aplenty.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear you guys finally moved!! Leah has been non-stop asking me when I'm going to take her to see Uncle John and Aunt Eileen. She wants to visit you for her first plane ride (she actually wanted to go to China, but I told her to think closer. haha!)

I hope you're unpacking goes better than ours did. We're still not all unpacked!

management said...

Does Ann Arbor have good sushi?

Eileen said...

Jess--Thanks! We are super relieved to actually be in the new house. We miss you guys too! Maybe we can get Leah on the phone or on video chat, so she can get her aunt and uncle fix ASAP. :)

Kim--I wasn't into sushi yet when I lived in A2, so I'm not sure. I'd probably just go through the yelp recommendations. It's Michigan sushi, though, so I wouldn't count on finding really good stuff. (& on that note, I have to mention A2 Mexican. It is awful. Seriously. The closest decent Mexican is is Ypsi, & we'd literally drive 45 minutes to East Lansing just for burritos on occasion.)