Round snackings ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

25 August 2011

Round snackings

grapes, grape tomatoes, blueberriesThis week has been super frustrating. John broke his toe and is currently thumping around with a giant foot brace. Our internet went out for a full 24 hours (did you know I work from my home office?). Solving that problem involved I think six different phone calls, all with different people who knew nothing about what anyone else was doing. This morning I got up & walked downtown super early to get cab money so John could actually go to work. And did I mention that we were woken up by a leafblower blowing about a foot from our bedroom window before 8 am?

At least the snacks are tasty: grape tomatoes, blueberries, and teeny tiny green grapes of the "you can only get these in a grape-growing region" variety.

I ate them all.


Jes said...

Oh no, I'm sorry your week was so frustrating! Heal quick, John!

At least the round snacks were fresh and tasty!

Eileen said...

Yes! There is plenty of ibuprofen and first aid tape at our house right now, I tell you what. We can do it!