Why to have a sausage in the freezer ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

22 August 2011

Why to have a sausage in the freezer

penne with sausage and green beansYou can then have a lunch that looks like this with the most minor of effort.

Defrost precooked sausage in hot tap water. Sauté chopped onion/garlic in olive oil; add minced hot pepper, sturdy veg of choice (green beans), and sliced sausage (chicken & sundried tomato). Season appropriately and let cook. While you're waiting, boil water and also cook pasta of choice (whole wheat penne). When the veg and sausage are 2/3 done, add any tender veg (orange bell pepper) and cook until finished to your liking. Adjust seasonings, toss veg and sausage with drained pasta, and eat.

Of course, you can also just split the sausage vertically, sear it in a pan over high heat, throw it in a hot dog bun, and eat it with brown mustard and sauerkraut/etc. Whatever floats your boat.

(I clearly continue to miss NYC street corner hot dogs.)


Jes said...

That looks exactly like 30% of our dinners, but much better! :)

Eileen said...

Yay practical food that people actually eat!