Cherry tomatoes vs. craft beer ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

04 October 2011

Cherry tomatoes vs. craft beer

homegrown cherry tomatoesOur tomatoes have finally started to ripen! HOORAY.

Of course, I don't get to eat any right now, but that's because John and I are on birthday vacation in Oregon. It's a far and excellent cry from Silicon Valley and its high of 86F yesterday. Clouds and rain and the ability to wear things made of wool all trump that pretty handily.

Besides, have you seen the amount of small breweries in Oregon? For my birthday yesterday we had:
- Ninkasi Oatis Oatmeal Stout
- MacTarnahan's Summer Grifter IPA
- and 10 Barrel S1nist0r Black Ale,
all of which were really, really good in totally different ways. I think we may have to bring some beer presents home for ourselves.

Today we are going to drink coffee and hike about and eat gigantic salads, and it will all be sufficiently great that I will not even miss these. At least not for another week or so.

homegrown cherry tomatoes


Rebecca said...

Yay vacation! Yay microbreweries! Happy (belated) birthday!

Jes said...

Happy belated birthday! Microbreweries sounds like an amazing way to ring in another year. I'm sure you'll have more cherry tomatoes than you'll know what to do with when you get back!

Eileen said...

Yay! Thanks, guys!