More late season tomatoes ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

25 October 2011

More late season tomatoes

I'm just going to try and get through the last few super-summery tomato suggestions, ok?

tomato avocado and basil saladMake a tomato & avocado salad. Slice up tomatoes & avocados; mix together with shredded basil, salt, and freshly ground pepper.

I ate my salad plain, since it already featured an entire small avocado, but you can drizzle on some olive oil or vinaigrette if you really want to.

I actually really wish it were fall, and that I could then eat the fall food to match. But we live in California, and thus there is never a fall. It's so frustrating.


Jes said...

And now I'm starting to dream of summer 2012 :) What a beautiful, simple salad!

Eileen said...

Thanks, Jes! I, in the meantime, continue to dream of fall 2011... :)