Roasted tomato & tempeh loaf sandwich ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

26 October 2011

Roasted tomato & tempeh loaf sandwich

At least the tomatoes are in the oven this time, right?

roasted vegetables and tempehWe actually had this excellent dinner nearly a month ago! That's ok, though--it's way more appropriate for a brisk fall day than a sunny summer one.

In this instance, we wanted a whole lot of roasted vegetables plus tempeh seasoned to approximate meatloaf, so we could have a dinner of fall veg and pseudo-meatloaf sandwiches.

So. First I marinated strips of tempeh in a mix of veg broth, ketchup, hot sauce, soy sauce, sriracha, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, crushed garlic cloves, and probably some fresh rosemary. The secret ingredient to practically any good tempeh marinade is rosemary, in my experience.

We don't steam the tempeh before marinating it. However, we generally do make the veg broth immediately before marinating, so the marinade itself is pretty warm. I'm not sure whether this has any effect on the supposed bitterness of tempeh, since I have nothing to compare against. It works fine.

While my tempeh was marinating, I cut a whole bunch of potatoes into steak fries and broccoli into florets, tossed each pile with some olive oil, salt, and pepper, and put them all in a 350/375F oven to bake.

roast cherry tomatoesNext, I washed a bunch of cherry tomatoes, tossed them with the aforementioned olive oil, salt, and pepper, and threw them in the oven as well.

After the vegetables were about halfway done, it was time to cook the tempeh. I decided to just throw the strips in the oven, basting occasionally as they cooked. While this did produce tasty tempeh, it also produced a pan that was nearly impossible to clean. I'd recommend just searing off your tempeh in a decent frying pan instead.

When everything was done, I whipped it all out of the oven, toasted some bread, and made some tempeh loaf sandwiches. Here, have a terribly lit 9 pm picture!

roast tempeh sandwichJohn's sandwich had just tempeh, mustard, and lots of lettuce; my sandwich had all of the above plus a big layer of the roasted tomatoes. This meant my sandwich was substantially more drippy. That didn't matter. It was totally worth it.


jessy said...

oooh, these look so awesome, Eileen! i've never used rosemary with tempeh - totally gonna next time. i want that pseudo-meatloaf sammie in my mouth. it sounds ridiculously good, especially with all those roasted tomatoes. mmmm!

Eileen said...

You should definitely try it with rosemary--it totally does the bay leaf thing and adds a hard-to-identify herby & delicious flavor to an otherwise one-dimensional marinade. Fresh rosemary on the branch definitely works better than dried. Do it! :)