It's a gratin! ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

08 December 2011

It's a gratin!

baked mac and cheeseSo after our sojourn at the cabin with a kitchen stocked in Le Creuset I have to say our desire for enameled cast iron cookware went up pretty far and pretty fast. John and I therefore bought ourselves an early christmas present: a lovely blue gratin dish.

Clearly, we had to christen the pan with a big batch of baked mac & cheese.

We'd normally make the sauce for mac and cheese in a regular saucepan. This time, we made it right in the gratin dish, since cast iron works for both oven and stovetop.

mac and cheese gratinAfter we drained the pasta, we dumped it into the gratin with the sauce, stirred it up, topped it with bread crumbs and grated cheese, and stuck it in the oven. Yay, fewer dishes to wash!

Thirty minutes later, we were blissfully eating plates of mac & cheese with the crispiest crust imaginable. Hooray!

I am well satisfied with our lot in life.


Jes said...

I have this 1950s black and white guy pacing in the waiting room smoking and the nurse bursts through the door and yells, "It's a..."

Gratin. :) Love it! And your mac n' cheese looks fabulous in it!

Eileen said...


Pink and/or blue cigars for everyone!