Post-holiday roundup ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

30 December 2011

Post-holiday roundup

homemade bbq spice and homemade pickling spiceWell. This christmas I got food poisoning and spent most of the day either in bed or face down on the floor, so I have zero delicious holiday food to discuss. How about we talk about some of the presents I gave instead?

Like everyone else on the internet, I wanted to give some handmade gifts this year. I had been half-planning to give out little bottles of homemade schnapps, but since 90% of the people to whom I give presents live at least 500 miles away, and the post office doesn't ship alcohol, that was out. So instead I went to the bulk bins and grabbed everything I needed to make some homemade pickling spice and barbecue rub.

The only ingredient that wasn't in the bulk bins was celery salt. Well, then! I made a batch of that as well. It's a good thing the farmer's market around here regularly features gigantic leafy heads of celery. The end product turned out so well I considered giving it away too. Then I realized that I hadn't had brunch with anyone in so long that I didn't know who else actually drank bloody marys, so I decided to just use it for my own.

I had initially wanted to package these in little spice jars, but ended up going with plastic bags instead. This was due to both 1. shipping costs and 2. the high likelihood of glass jars breaking in the flurry of holiday mail. It's ok though! Festive ribbon totally saves the day, right?

homemade bbq spice and homemade pickling spiceI have to say, there was an awful lot of ribbon all over the place this season. It was by far the most Martha Stewarty I have been in years.


Jes said...

Eugh for food poisoning--we had it on the Friday before and it was not my favorite thing. Baaad memories.

But on the good side--homemade pickling spice & bbq rub for the win! They both sound so tasty!

Eileen said...

More people with holiday food poisoning?? Oh NO! Sorry, lady!

eatme_delicious said...

Sucks about the food poisoning. :( I love these holiday gifts. I usually do cookies but need to branch out more to spice mixes and jarred things.

Anonymous said...

I just used the BBQ rub on pulled pork last week. It was very tasty!! Not sure what I'm going to do with the pickling spice yet (aside from the obvious)...I HAVE had a hankering for Corned Beef lately...

Eileen said...

Yeah, the pickling spice is a little weird if you don't do a lot of canning. Maybe next year I should do a selection of three different BBQ rubs--everyone can use those!