First fruits ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

20 April 2012

First fruits

strawberry plants with new strawberries

Look what's growing in our backyard! Tiny strawberries!

I find the use of strawberries as landscaping in California pretty strange, but I'm definitely fine with the actual berries. I know you're all shocked to hear it.

baby plums on the tree

Baby plums! The tree is covered with them. I didn't realize they were this far along until a few fell into the main garden bed. Now I am getting all excited about the future harvest.

strawberry plants with new strawberries

This is just about all the strawberries we're going to get, so I'm sure we'll eat them as soon as we pick them. The plums are a different story. What should I do with all of them? Jam is probable, and I wouldn't be surprised if a cake emerged from the kitchen at least once this June, but otherwise, I'm not sure. What else should I plan to make?


Jes said...

Strawberries & plums, oh awesome! I haven't done much with plums, just made jam & tarts, but mmm, fresh plums are just so tasty!

Aylin @ Glow Kitchen said...

I can't believe you are growing strawberries! Growing up we grew apples, pears, cherries, peaches, and plums, but I always wanted something of the strawberry variety. Are the difficult to do in certain climates or as long as you have all seasons they should grow?

Joanne said...

I'm jealous of all your fruits! I would make a plum upside down cake. Yum.

Eileen said...

Yes, jam, tars, and cake of some type are all definitely on the list. I like the upside down cake idea! Maybe a plum-based tarte tatin...

Aylin, these strawberries were part of our landscaping when we moved in, so I am maybe not the best person to ask! I think you can grow strawberries in most climates that aren't super cold, though. (For instance, there are English strawberries, right?) I looked around and found some strawberry-growing info at the University of IL extension--I hope it's useful!

noelle said...

How about a plum crisp or crumble? With greek yogurt ice cream?

Eileen said...

Crumble is definitely on the list--especially since it's so much less work than making a full pie. Plums, oats, and butter, together at last. And Greek yogurt ice cream sounds like a great match--although I might just drain the yogurt and use it just like that.