So many muffins ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

02 May 2012

So many muffins

banana espresso muffins

So, guess what you get when you bake Heidi's recipe for 12 regular banana espresso muffins from Super Natural Cooking?

Nine regular muffins and TWENTY-FOUR mini muffins.

I didn't even add the walnuts, so the overall batter volume was lower than normal. I imagine I could've gotten up to a full twelve regular muffins in that case. You know--plus the additional 24.

banana espresso muffins

In conclusion, I WIN.


Kristina said...

I love Heidi Swanson's blog and her second book so much. You're tempting me to get her first book, but I promised myself no more cookbooks for a while (I have a LOT of them). I hope my library will have a copy, as I am desperate to try the muffins!

Joanne said...

Um yes, that is a DEFINITE win. More muffins (especially if they're Heidi's recipe!) = fabulous.

Jes said...

Muffin par-tay! Freezing many?

Eileen said...

Kristina--three words: interlibrary loan. (What? ILL is three words in library parlance!)

And I hadn't even thought about freezing my surplus, Jes, because our freezer is SO FULL I don't think we could cram another thing into it. Must start eating all that stuff. I did give a bunch of muffins away, though.

Stephanie said...

I saw this recipe but have yet to try it. Wow, thats a lot of muffins! They look great. I love Heidi's books.