Tomato sauce! ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

17 August 2012

Tomato sauce!

homemade tomato sauce

Hooray for summer tomatoes!
Hooray for my cabinet of canning jars!
Hooray for the water-bath canner I got for the holidays!
Hooray for a messy stovetop!
Hooray for the huge pile of stock-ready trimmings!
Hooray for the farmer's market $.65/lb sort-outs bin!
Hooray for a serrated tomato knife to split the skins!

skinning a summer heirloom tomato

Hooray for squishing by hand!
Hooray for seeds and juice spraying randomly onto the walls!
Hooray for open windows and a good fan!
Hooray for an arsenal of useful tools!
Hooray for kitchen towels!
Hooray for the end result!

homemade tomato sauce

Needless to say, I've canned a bunch of tomato sauce in the last few weeks. I wrote up the entire tomato sauce canning method in great detail last year. I'm going to make more this weekend, and probably more the weekend after that, and again the weekend after that.

Now let's see how long I can go without buying canned tomato puree, shall we?


Jes said...

Ok, really, we need to stop syncing, it's creepy! I just spent last night canning whole, crushed tomatoes. Insanity!

Michelle said...

My grandma does all the gardening/canning in our family, and I totally reap the benefits. 95% of the time that I have a recipe that uses canned tomatoes, I hit my stockpile. It's so, so good!!

Eileen said...

Well, it *is* August--who isn't canning tomatoes? :) My mom used to do major canning every year, but she hasn't for a long time, and anyway I live across the country from her now. So! Stockpiling my own tomatoes it is!

Maria said...

Hooray, indeed! It looks fantastic - I can't wait until later this month when we'll be in tomato canning season!

Joanne said...

Haha I love how happy this post is! Hooray!!!

Eileen said...

Happy *and* messy. Bonus! :)

adriennefriend said...

What a sweetly exuberant post. Hooray for all those things, indeed.