Garden update: September ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

24 September 2012

Garden update: September

spider in the tomato plants

I found a friend! An actual size friend!

I have no idea what kind of spider this is, but as long as it's a good predator and maybe takes out a tomato worm or two, I'm pretty happy it's here.

Why? Well.

jungle of tomato plants

The garden is totally overgrown and jungly and crazy. That back fence is about eight feet tall. You will notice that much of the plant life is taller than it.

The tomatoes in particular are insane. Guess how many tomato plants are in this picture! TWO. The sungold is on the right and the purple cherokee is on the left. Underneath you can see some of our gigantic 3-foot scallions. There is also a jalapeno plant buried in between the two tomato plants, but it's completely invisible from the front of the garden.

garden sungold tomatoes

The purple cherokees are only just starting to turn color--which is fine, because it's not going to be full-on fall in the south bay until November--but the sungolds have been producing steadily since early August.

There are about fifteen new ripe sungolds a day. That means it's totally possible to just go outside, grab a handful, cut them in half, throw them in a bowl with some baby bocconcini (the little fresh mozzarella balls in whey), salt, and pepper, and sit down to a feast.

sungold tomato and bocconcini salad

I could eat a bowl of this salad every day. If only I hadn't run out of bocconcini!

Meanwhile, in the front yard, this is still happening:

homegrown garden zucchini

Yes! Zucchini for all! At least for another week or three!


Jes said...

Look at that little guy! And those tomatoes, holy jeezus, they're huge! Don't miss zucchinis though :)

Stephanie said...

That's a great photo of that spider and look at that zucchini!

Stacy G. said...

I found not one, but TWO praying mantises in my FRONT yard this week. A mason jar and a piece of paper aided a quick relocation to my garden. I hope they feast well there.

Catherine said...

Whoo! I'm jealous. We had a frost the other night, and it took down most of our garden. :(

Caz said...

I know spiders can be a good thing but that photo gave me the shivers! All your garden produce looks amazing and I love the look of that salad.

Monet said...

Oh! Wow! I love seeing pictures of little bugs...and all those gorgeous veggies! Thank you for sharing, my friend!

Catherine said...

Eileen, I accidentally deleted the comment you left me about laundry soap . . . would you give me that recipe again?

Cate said...

So jealous of all those gorgeous tomatoes! Less so about the spiders :)

Eileen said...

I'm so glad to hear the bug love. Spiders are our friends! Granted, I probably would feel differently if I'd actually walked right into the web... :)

We'll just have to see how long the garden lasts. I'm torn--I wish it were actual fall (in Norcal--ha ha) but I also want those tomatoes to ripen on the vine as much as possible!