Other people's recipes ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

19 September 2012

Other people's recipes

Lately, I want to eat practically everything I see.

nectarine muffins

I saw Cupcake Rehab's jammy muffins, followed a link back to the master muffin recipe, determined that we had the necessary ingredients, and was off. I used wheat flour, put rice milk in place of dairy, and stuffed the muffins full of chopped nectarines instead of jam or chocolate chips. Otherwise, they were totally identical! I ended up with eight standard muffins and twelve tiny little dudes, and we slathered them with butter and ate them all over the course of four days.

The butter situation at our house is now pretty dire, incidentally. No butter!

spicy pickled peppers

I saw Emmy Cooks's spicy pickled peppers and I ran off to the farmer's market sort-outs bin, which has been reliably full of zucchini and peppers and eggplant for the past few weeks, and brought a big bag of peppers home with me. I chopped them into rings, packed them into a jar, added dill and garlic, and covered the whole thing with simple brine. Then I stuck the jar into the fridge, where it has been for the past two days. I can finally eat some of them tonight! Patience is the only real problem with pickling things.

baked flounder

I saw Stella Cooks's fish tacos with spicy carrot slaw, so I went to the farmer's market fish guy and walked away with a gigantic piece of flounder. I promptly brought it home, cut it into four pieces (three of which are resting happily in the freezer, waiting for the next fish and/or taco occasion), covered the last piece in spices and lemon, deposited it in a foil packet, and baked it for twenty minutes, or until awesome.

fish tacos with carrot slaw

Then I sauteed up a mess of carrots, red pepper, and sambal oelek, mounted it with butter (item: this was before the butter situation got quite so dire), and whacked everything together into a series of flame-toasted corn tortillas. Then I took pictures for posterity and crammed them all into my mouth as fast as possible. Hooray!

What new recipes have you guys been trying?


Aylin @ GlowKitchen said...

goodness gracious I want to eat everything I see on your blog too! Lately, I've been fermenting a lot of things -- kefir, kimchi, etc.

elizabethranger (BubbleTeaDinner) said...

I'd never think to use a carrot slaw with a fish taco, but that makes perfect sense and it really does look amazing!

and, patience needs pickles indeed.

Monet said...

Ah, me too. So much inspiration! Thank you for sharing. A lovely way to begin my Sunday. I hope you had a fabulous weekend...and I wish you an even better week!

erin @ yummy supper said...

Can I come to your house? It sounds like you are feasting like royalty!

Eileen said...

Yes, everyone can come to my house for dinner! I know you guys want all the food too. :)

For anyone who's curious, the pickles turned out perfectly! They make one of the best chicken sandwiches ever.

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