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26 March 2013

Orange poppyseed cake

I seem to be developing a taste for simple loafy cakes, made with a minimum of sugar and a total lack of frosting. The best part of a cake like this is its versatility. A slice is perfect for breakfast, a midafternoon snack with tea, or an easy dessert. I could definitely use some more options for all of those occasions. Clearly, we needed a cake in the house.

So I looked around the internet and decided to make Cookie & Kate's orange poppyseed pound cake--almost totally according to the recipe--and it was great. Hey, what better use of the oranges on our tree and the slowly diminishing half-pound bag of poppyseeds in the spice cabinet?

Here's what it looks like when you smash a bunch of orange zest into a mix of powdered and raw sugar. Orange and sugar paste!

I had to use the mix of sugars because we don't run the kind of household that normally has random pounds of sugar hanging around. Of course, we also don't normally have powdered sugar. It was just a happy accident, and it worked really well in the cake, besides. That's the only change I made.


There was no licking of the bowl.

I actually oiled the pan before lining it with parchment. This meant the oil held the parchment firmly in place while I was pouring in the batter. Nice. How did I not know this trick before?

The result? A dense and moist loaf of cake with just the barest hint of orange scent, studded with all the crunchy seeds in the land. The overall texture actually reminds me of banana bread, although no bananas were involved.

As with practically every cake I make, I ended up eating a slice or two with peanut butter. Verdict: that's some good breakfast. Or snack. Or dessert.

What kind of cake are you eating this spring?


Joanne said...

I become more and more of a fan of simple loaf cakes like this on a daily basis! Love the citrus in this!!

julie zielinski said...


Jes said...

Orange sugar sounds addictingly good - as does this cake! I haven't made a cake in ages, but I've been thinking that it *has* to be time to bake one. Definitely filing the citrus goodness of this one away for future baking!

Catherine said...

My husband requested this ridiculous chocolate chip cookie cake from Martha Stewart for his birthday next weekend ... I'm sure that's what we'll be eating soon!

Michelle said...

You and your citrus. Seriously so jealous.

I've been snacking on a coconut bread this week. It's been seriously the best thing. So comforting.

foodfeud said...

I've always wondered how powdered sugar would work in a recipe. Interesting! I hate to have pounds of it around too. This looks gorge. I love poppyseed baked goods.

Daytona @ Outside Oslo said...

I have a particular appreciation of the Scandinavian cakes, particularly those involving almond. Tosca cake--which is a white cake with an almond-caramel topping--is incredible! I think I'll have to make it again soon, come to think of it.... maybe to serve with some peaches to complement the almond?

kristina said...

Your own oranges, I am very jealous right now! Simple loaf cakes are some of my favorites too, my mom makes them quite frequently. We don't normally glaze them either. I usually do lemon and poppyseed, but orange sounds even lovelier.

Emily Dickson said...

I absolutely love orange cake! I just made a marmalade one the other day and it's sadly all gone now. I plan to make a plain victoria sponge tomorrow though because I can't remember the last time I made one! (plain and borring I know!)