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15 May 2013

Banana avocado spinach flaxseed smoothie

banana avocado spinach flaxseed smoothie

One big benefit to living in California is the produce. No, I can't have ramps, but yes, I can have a 2-lb bag of tiny avocados for $2. Seems like a fair exchange to me.

So the other day I was pondering my breakfast options. I had my bag of avocados, a couple bananas, a new vat of plain yogurt, and a bunch of spinach. It was clearly time for a cool and comforting green smoothie.

I've said I dislike bananas in smoothies, and this is generally true, since the bananas required are generally the truly squishy and brown ones that get chopped up and thrown in back of the freezer as a last resort against waste. But I didn't use a frozen overripe banana--I used a fresh, barely ripe, slightly firm banana. In short, I used a banana caught at the exact stage I want to eat it most.

This turned out to be an excellent plan.

banana avocado spinach flaxseed smoothie

Banana avocado spinach flaxseed smoothie

1 banana, unfrozen
big handful spinach leaves
1-2 tsp flaxseed meal
several large spoonfuls plain yogurt
1 small avocado or 1/2 large

Blend it! Drink it!

The result was very thick and creamy, so if you prefer a thinner smoothie, you may want to add a couple ice cubes or a splash of the milk of your choice before blending.

What are you chucking into your smoothies lately?


Michelle said...

Yum x 100! I love smoothies with avocado in them! I got tired of bananas a long time ago, and I haven't found a non-dairy yogurt I really like that can keep me full. I was making a lot of avocado, rolled oats, coconut milk, spinach, chia smoothies for months!

PS - I will forever be jealous of your avocados. Avocados > ramps.

Monet said...

Oh I wish I could find a bag of avocados for that cheap! But no matter how expensive, I will be making this. What a smoothie powerhouse! Thanks for sharing!

Jes said...

Oh man, I think we're the exact opposite--super ripe bananas in my smoothie every morning! But avocado? Nope nope nope. I just get the shivers every time I think about the one avocado smoothie I made...I don't know what I did wrong, but it was one of the foulest things I've ever tried to drink.

foodfeud said...

I am DEFINITELY jealous of yr avocado situation!! I love ramps but this smoothie is making me wish I had something to blend up. I just got my blender back so I haven't made many but this is on the list.

Joanne said...

I have to say, I am SUPER jealous of CA's produce! that smoothie sounds so tasty!

Sippity Sup said...

Bananas do indeed have one perfect day. I'm glad you caught yours just right. GREG

seanokeng sedumedi said...

Can u use flaxseed oil instead of flaxseed meal