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17 July 2013

Walnut schnapps unveiled

homemade walnut schnapps

Last summer I put some split unripe black walnuts in a jar, covered them with vodka, and waited.

Now it's the moment of truth. After a full year of aging and oxidation, I get to try my homemade walnut schnapps.

homemade walnut schnapps

The original recipe mentioned an end result similar to cognac. Oh really? Let's see.

It's dark, dark brown, so dark it was almost impossible to get a picture that looked anything but black.

homemade walnut schnapps

It's smooth and serious. Check out that sheen.

The walnut taste is deep, but still a touch sharp and young. As the schnapps continues to age, it'll mellow out, becoming even richer and darker.

I can't say I mind waiting for something like this.

homemade walnut schnapps

It looks like I need to get my hands on some more green walnuts, doesn't it? Especially considering I'd like to try out a batch of traditional Italian Nocino as well.

Have you ever made your own liqueurs? How did you like the results?


foodfeud said...

Oh my gosh! That is unlike anything I've ever heard of! You just drink it straight? Or what would you mix it with? I can't imagine what it tastes like but it looks so bad ass. Probably be good for a Halloween drink, ha.
A year is a long time to wait. Glad it was worth it.

Joanne said...

Whoa I would have never thought to do anything like this!! Super cool.

Sarah said...

woah, how awesome. i'm super intrigued! we'll probably be moving soon-ish so i don't want to embark on anything with a year commitment, but someday i want to give this a try!

Jes said...

Amazing! I'm so glad it turned out--you have to now figure out an awesome cocktail recipe to make with it!

Eileen said...

I have been drinking it straight, as an aperitif (or, er, glass of cognac?), but I'm sure this would be great in a carefully made cocktail! Imbibe cites the matrimony cocktail as a good one with nocino, so I may try that if I can get my hands on some Genever (??). Otherwise, maybe some of the traditional brandy-based cocktails might be a good place to start...

Eileen said...

So now I'm all excited about cocktails with this schnapps! For instance, these nocino cocktail recipes sound amazing, especially the nutty negroni. (Michelle, where are you?) Or a black walnut Manhattan...DANG.

Liren said...

Oh wow! I find this so fascinating, that color is incredible!

Monet said...

Wow! What a decadent and successful experiment! Well worth the wait it seems! And that color is so dark and vibrant! Thank you for sharing it with us!