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30 August 2013

Sauteed carrots with spicy brown mustard

Mustard-sauteed carrots

Sometimes the simplest preparations are the best.

This time, I had made up a batch of Janet of The Taste Space's amchoor chana, and I needed something vegetabley to stand up to the very beany & lemony chickpea content. There were carrots in the crisper and homemade lactofermented mustard (courtesy of Amanda at Phickle) in the refrigerator door. And thus my sauteed carrots with spicy brown mustard were born.

All you have to do is give carrots a quick & hot saute, then add a hit of seed-filled mustard. The result is super-easy, sweet and toothsome, with a kick of mustard heat. It's definitely a great way to nudge the lowly carrot out to center stage.

Mustard-sauteed carrots

Sauteed carrots with spicy brown mustard

peanut oil/sub of your choice
spicy seedy mustard

Warm the oil on medium-high in a wide frying pan or saute pan of your choice. While it's heating up, scrub and slice your carrots into whatever shape you like. I did half-moons just because they're easy. And no, I generally don't peel my carrots, although you are totally free to go ahead and peel yours.

Add your carrots to the oil and toss to mix. Sprinkle a touch of salt over the pan and cook, stirring or shaking occasionally, for about five minutes, or until your carrots are almost cooked through. The timing is going to depend both on the size of your carrot pieces and the heat of your stovetop, so make sure to taste as you go. You may want to add a splash of water to the hot pan to steam your carrots a bit if you're using thick slices.

When your carrots are just a hair away from done, add a couple spoonfuls of spicy mustard to your pan. Stir to coat well and continue to cook for about another minute. then take the pan promptly off the heat, scoop your carrots onto your plate, and serve the whole shebang.


How are you transforming ordinary veg lately?


foodfeud said...

Sounds great! I rarely cook my carrots but it really takes them to a new level. most recently I grated them into a stir fry; it was a cool texture.

Joanne said...

I really don't let carrots shine enough! Putting them front and center with mustard to dress them sounds so tasty!

Maral said...

These look delicious! I love vegetables and am always searching for new ways to dress them up. :D

Sarah | The Sugar Hit said...

Carrots are one of my favourite veggies, and people never give them enough time. This looks wonderful!