Other people's recipes ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

20 March 2014

Other people's recipes

Whole mung beans

Fear not--we have been eating things other than pie occasionally.

First, an amazing mung bean dal! We've had a big bag of whole mung beans hanging out in the freezer for way too long. I knew we needed to do something with them, so I scanned the internet and came up with this Indian style mung dal from Lisa's Kitchen.

Mung bean dal

I added in a chunked Asian eggplant, and the results were PERFECT. They were excellent over a bowl of brown rice, reheated very well, and were stuffed full of flavor and vegetables along with the hearty beans--yes please. I made a double batch and we ate for days before stuffing the last few cups in the freezer for future emergency dinner application.

Needless to say, this will definitely be on the menu again.

Orange poppyseed yogurt cake

Once pi day was over, I needed cake for some reason. Why? I don't know, since I pick pie over cake 100% of the time, but still. So I went through the cupboards and emerged with the ingredients for Cookie & Kate's orange poppyseed yogurt cake, minus the olive oil. I've just never gotten into the olive oil flavor in cakes thing. But the rest of the cake is definitely an excellent plan!

A little grapeseed oil and a whole lot of orange zest later, I was pulling this beautiful loaf out of the oven. So good.

Orange poppyseed yogurt cake

This is exactly what I want out of a cake: a punch of barely-sweet citrus and wheat flavor featuring no frosting whatever. You can eat it for breakfast (with more yogurt on top) and it's no big deal, have a slice or two in the middle of the afternoon with a big mug of tea, or go for the classic dessert option. I did pretty much every single one of the above.

Whose recipes have you been cooking this week?


Sippity Sup said...

I guess I'll add mung beans to the grocery list and cook your recipe this week. GREG

foodfeud said...

Oh man, olive oil cakes are reeeally fantastic sometimes, but it definitely gets expensive so I'm sure yr grapeseed oil was fine. It looks delicious. Love poppyseed desserts!
I'm definitely going to have to try the dal! I don't think I've ever had mung beans, but eggplant is so good and yr thick glorp looks so hearty.

Eileen said...

Ha! I think the best part was that I could totally thin out the thick glorp with veg broth to make it whatever texture I wanted on reheating. Which I did!

Joanne said...

Both of these recipes sound great! I've never cooked with mung beans, but I always love things that come from Lisa's Kitchen.

And your cake is gorgeous!! Can't go wrong with citrus and poppyseeds.