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09 December 2014

Chai nog and coffee nog

Chai nog and coffee nog

It's December! Time to break out the nog!

I tend to veer away from the traditional "nog + brandy + rum" concoctions as long as it's not actually Christmas Eve. Instead, nog has become a tasty treat with which to spike my usual dose of hot caffeine action.

Now, I am not one for making very fussy coffee drinks at home. There is no espresso machine in our house, and no milk foamer, and we don't really want to acquire them. So that means these drinks are super simple: just a cup of strong, spicy chai or serious coffee, with a creamy nog addition. They're really easy and really delicious.

Any nog of your choice should work well here. Dairy eggnog, soy nog, homemade almond and date nog -- any and all are good.

Even without any alcohol, the sweetness and thickness of nog makes these drinks perfect for a dessert nightcap. Just use a decaf spiced chai or coffee and you should be all ready for a fragrant, spiced trip to sleeptown.

And if you do want to add a slug of brandy, go for it!

Chai nog

Brew 1 cup strong chai of your choosing. I use a standard tea bag and let it infuse for at least 5 minutes for serious flavor. Top up your cup with eggnog. If you like nutmeg, a little sprinkle is a good garnish.

Coffee nog

Brew yourself a cup of strong coffee. Top up your cup with eggnog.

Drink and be happy!

What festive holiday drinks are you drinking this season?


Catherine Weber said...

I made a mock mint mocha this morning (a packet of hot cocoa mix, Toddy coffee concentrate, and almond milk, with a drop of peppermint extract) -- yum!

foodfeud said...

Ummmmmmmmm! These both sound so good! You know I'd add that optional slug of brandy, too.

Joanne said...

I love all things chai, so I can imagine that I would like to bathe in this chai nog!

Michelle said...

Nog. Man, I am such a sucker for nog. I just have to wait until Christmas to have it or I'll drink gallons!

Marissa said...

Great ideas, Eileen...I especially love the chai version!

Sippity Sup said...

Dessert nightcap? That sounds like delicious trouble. GREG

Unknown said...

Yum. We don't do fancy coffee at home much either, so I'm all about anything that I can make with our Melitta pour over. Nog is a great addition!