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23 July 2007

Salad is great

I don't feel like cooking even a little bit when it is summer and therefore hot.

Here you go.

Perfect cucumber and feta salad

mild feta (unless you are into the strong stuff)
a good persian cucumber or two
salt and pepper
maybe some parsley if you have some

Chop up the cucumber and toss it in a bowl with feta. Dress it with good vinaigrette you just made from the olive oil and vinegar that live on the counter (6:1 ratio) plus maybe some good mustard and salt and pepper. Add some more salt and pepper, especially pepper, and eat it up.

Things you can do to this salad:

The most obvious (to me) is the use and inclusion of shallot or red onion. This works best when slivered as thin as you can stand to cut it.

You could add some toasty slivers of almond or some similarly toasty walnuts. Maybe they could be honey-roasty as opposed to just toasty. You could heat up some honey with cayenne, toss in a bunch of walnuts once it's sufficiently liquid, spread the coated nuts on a cookie sheet, and toast them in the oven for a few minutes. Then you would have to let them cool before you put them on the salad. It's a little bit much cooking for this much heat, but would be delicious and probably worth it. Plus the honey left on the pans just melts off under hot water.

Or you could go the sweet direction and add WATERMELON to the salad. This did not occur to me at the time but is now perhaps the most appealing thing I've thought of all day.

Alternately, you could add no watermelon but instead blitz up said watermelon in the food processor with a little lime and ice. Then you could drink it With said salad. Or you could add some honey and mint instead of the lime.

It would be great.

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