We are exhausted; let's be lazy ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

02 July 2007

We are exhausted; let's be lazy

It was another one of Those weekends:

- sourdough batard
- butter lettuce
- fresh parsley
- cotswold and mozzarella cheese
- decent dill pickles
- olive oil with garlic
- sidecars

I love eating olive oil as a food.

I really am not fond of the texture of fresh mozzarella. I like the rubbery business instead. I wouldn't describe it as "rubbery," either, but "smooth" or something along those lines. It is perhaps the greatest when shaved really really thinly and eaten plain. Or when shaved again thinly and stuck in a tortilla to which you add a bunch of hot scrambled eggs and salsa, then rolled and eaten. Or when stuck on wheat crackers of your choice with a slick of good brown or dijon mustard.

In this case, the cheese went on bread. Bread goes in garlicky olive oil, cheese goes on bread, lettuce or parsley goes on cheese, pepper and crushed salt go madly scattered over everything. Bread goes in mouth. Bite of pickle goes in mouth. Bread goes in mouth. Sidecar goes in mouth.


Mix 2 parts brandy with 1 part each Cointreau and lemon juice; garnish with lemon peel. Try to use actual lemon juice; the fake stuff works ok but tastewise is pretty much an invitation to the land of the corn syrup fairy.

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