So much dairy ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

28 November 2007

So much dairy

Guess how much cheese we had left over. Ans: SO MUCH CHEESE. Gracious me, what could we do with it?

Breakfast: champignon brie omelet.

Omelets are easy as long as you are ok with the possibility that they will at some point degenerate into egg mess. I am fine with that. Egg mess still tastes good. I also have a little tiny nonstick pan, which makes the egg mess slightly less probable.

This was perhaps the richest omelet ever made. Ok, at least the richest omelet I've ever made, due to my general issue with rich and stinky cheese.

Ridiculous omelet the morning after the party:

brie, or other decadent cheese
brown mushrooms
salt and pepper

First, make the filling. If you just want cheese and no additional mushroom and etc., you can clearly skip this part. So. Mince a small shallot and a handful of mushrooms. Melt some butter in a little frying pan, add the shallot and mushroom, and cook until nice and soft and happy.

While they're cooking, prep everything else. Dice the cheese and tear up some parsley. Crack the egg into something with high sides, add some salt and pepper, and mix it up with a fork.

When mushrooms and shallot are done, tip them out of the pan. If your pan looks low on butter, add some more and let it melt. Then lower the heat to medium-low and pour in your egg. Jerk the pan back and forth; slip a flexible spatula around the edge of the egg to let the liquid bits get underneath. Then just keep working the spatula around the egg until it comes mostly loose.

Ok! Is the egg mostly set? Stick your cheese, shallot, mushroom, and parsley onto the omelet. You can fuss around trying to only cover one side or you can let things fall everywhere; I don't really think it matters, since it's also time to fold the omelet. Fold it into a half, continue cooking for a minute or so to melt cheese and rewarm other bits, and that's it.

Flip your omelet onto a plate and eat it. HOT. Egg must be hot.

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