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08 February 2008

little variations

It's been a bad week for food.

Things I have eaten this week include:
- delivery pizza/calzone
- then the leftover calzone for both breakfast and lunch
- taqueria burritos
- chips and cheeze
- frozen pizza
- frozen french onion soup (which we made previously, but still)
- bad thai seafood noodles for lunch
- several bagels for other lunches

The actual cooked food has not been bad so much as only slightly existent. Also repetitive.

I made another batch of the broccoli business, with a key variation to make it actual filling dinner: chickpeas. Also I softened some red onion with it. This time I made sure I had enough broccoli for total overwhelming broccoli goodness. It worked pretty well. Then I ate it over pasta with lots of crumbled mild feta. John had his with no feta. Tasty! Potentially vegan!

I also had some of the swampy lentil soup left over. This turned out to be an excellent ingredient by means of which to make the fastest pasta fagioli in the west. All I did was cook a bunch of tiny tubetti, warm the soup up, and mix it together. Then I shaved parmesan over it and ground all the pepper in the world on top. Then I ate two full bowls. It was an excellent plan.

Now I am going to have a weekend. We will cook something on the weekend. Yes.

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