Nothing, nothing ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

20 February 2008

Nothing, nothing

OK, one thing: apparently "spring" also means "some form of edible tomato is available". Bizarre! But when I went over to the Milk Pail the other day, there was a huge vat of historically good grape tomatoes. I took them home, where they proved actually good and I had a hard time not just standing there stuffing my face until the bag was empty.

We also needed dinner, though, so I controlled myself. I made cheater pizza, aka "the pita trick", this one made even more cheater by the lack of sauce.

Cheater pizza

pita bread
olive oil
decent tomatoes
various vegetables
cheese if you want it

Arrange your crustal devices. If you want thin crust, gently separate the two halves of each pita. If you want medium crust, do nothing. Spread your pita bits out on appropriate baking sheets and brush with some olive oil. Thinly slice some garlic cloves and distribute them around each pita. Then thinly slice your tomatoes. Mine turned into tiny wedgy bits. Arrange them as well.

Everything else on the pita is totally up to you. I made a couple different kinds: one layered with all the mushrooms in the refrigerator, one entirely covered with wide rings of red pepper, and one with a lot of very thin slices of jalapeƱo. Then I added torn parsley and some crumbly slices of asiago cheese. You can put on anything you like.

Stick everything in a 375 or 400F oven for ten or fifteen minutes. Check occasionally against burning or other issues; rotate the pan if you need to.

When everything is crisp and crunchy, and the cheese (if any) is golden brown, you are done. Take them out and eat them. Be happy you had the energy to make any dinner at all, even sad snacky dinner. Then spend the rest of the night reading books and being cozy.

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