Two quesadillas ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

06 February 2008

Two quesadillas

1. Breakfast

If I happen to actually be functional and awake early enough to eat before work, I tend to make something like this: flour tortilla, probably mozzarella cheese, a little cumin, and half an avocado, sliced and added after cooking. Then I eat the other half of the avocado with pepper and a spoon. FAT FAT MORE FAT.

2. Dinner

We had a block of cotswold cheese and a pack of tortillas in the fridge, so we tried making quesadillas with that. They were good. They were really good. A serious sharp cheese works really well for good quesadillas. The next day, while wanting a more vegetable version, I noticed that we also had radishes in the refrigerator. You might not think such a thing would work, but it did: flour tortillas again, cotswold, green onion, cumin and paprika, and thinly sliced radish. The radish barely softened in the heat: a nice texture for nice biting. The cooking also leached a little spice out of the radishes, but not much: just enough that the radish had no overwhelming aftertaste. It was a great idea.

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