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25 July 2008

Eat a sandwich.

I do not get the issues some meat-eating people have with liverwurst. Foie gras is ok, right? It's not just ok, it's super-fancy! Pâté is considered super-fancy as well. And yet liverwurst, which is also a paste made of liver, and much better than any store-bought pâté I've ever had, somehow is considered gross. I bet it's because it has the word "wurst" in it.

Anyway. I grew up with liverwurst, and while I don't eat it very much now, I do want it occasionally. So when I saw a tiny $1.95 tube of herbed liverwurst at the store, I went ahead and got it.

The best liverwurst sandwiches have to have tomato. It's also pretty classic to have cream cheese. I didn't have any tomato or cream cheese this time, but I did have a plethora of other fine business. The most important part is making sure there's enough crispy, juicy vegetable to balance out the heavy, rich liverwurst. Taste your liverwurst and decide which of your vegetables would be good.

One liverwurst sandwich

bread (baguette segment)
liverwurst or braunschweiger (same difference)
crumbled mild feta
fresh basil leaves
red pepper
salt and pepper

Cut the baguette in half. Spread each half with liverwurst. Sometimes you'll get a liverwurst hard enough to slice, so in that case you can just slice it. Mine was nice and spreadable, so I spread it.

Cut up the rest of the business and layer it over the liverwurst. The hardest part for me was keeping the feta crumbles from rolling everywhere. To solve this, I pressed them into the liverwurst, where they stuck. It's definitely handy to have a sticky base in this situation.

Put the halves of the sandwich together and eat it.

Liverwurst is deep and rich, so if you want wine, have red.

What, you're not having wine because sandwiches are for lunch? Why not? This is the perfect picnic food, and you know how well wine goes with picnics. I would go so far as to make an entire baguette into awesome sandwich, wrap it up, cut it in sections, and have a plethora of sandwiches, all with red wine. Then you can hike up the street, spread out your blanket, and eat it all, lounging in the grass at a safe distance from the yelling kids on the soccer field.

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Andrea said...

Just found your blog and I'm snooping through your archives. If you're ever in NYC, go to the Neue Gallery and have the best liverwurst open faced sandwich of your life!