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23 July 2008

Kiwi strawberry peach kiwi

Apparently all I want to eat this summer is exotic and fragile fruit. Gold kiwi!

These were exciting, especially since they're much smoother and less skin-issue-provoking than normal fuzzy green kiwi. I peeled them without my hands starting to itch! I ate them with no reaction whatever from my lips! Usually I don't eat kiwi because I have sensitive skin and it's just too much work to avoid the pain. With these, though, everything was fine. I'm going to eat them until they're gone.

The gold kiwi was a little sweeter than the usual sharp green kiwi, and a little more smoothly textured. It went really well cut up with a bowl of strawberries. We ate the entire gold kiwi supply in one go.

Of course we eat green kiwi too. I can take it! RARGH!

This time I cut it up with a white peach. I cut off the kiwi skin, ran the fruit and knife in cold water to get off any last vestiges of irritant, then cut the kiwi into pieces. The white peaches have some fuzz too, but I don't feel any need to peel them, since it's minimal and doesn't provoke any allergic reactions. In contrast, I don't eat yellow fuzzy peaches without painfully peeling each slice. This means there are generally a lot of nectarines at our house.

Man, I did not mean for this to turn into an entry about skin irritants. It is about fruit! The summer fruit is dripping and delicious; eat it!


chumly said...

I love fruit when it is nice and cold.

Eileen said...

yes! cold fruit is the best. go summer! I mean, go summer when you have a functioning refrigerator! :)