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14 July 2008

I like two breakfasts

Here's the kind of thing I generally make myself for breakfast: fruit cut up in a bowl. Maybe I won't even cut up the fruit if I got up late. Maybe I'll have fruit and a piece of toast. The fruit can be anything ripe: this time it was an apricot and a handful of strawberries. I almost always have tea. Tea is great even if it barely cools down enough for me to drink a quarter cup before I leave. If I got up late enough not to boil a kettle, I might have iced tea, but it's clearly not what I actually want in the morning. I never make coffee except on the weekends.

Here's the kind of thing John makes for me if he can't sleep anymore and gets up early to exercise and shower and have a plate full of delicious breakfast ready for me by the time I get downstairs. Obviously this doesn't happen all the time, but it's really nice when it does. This time he made me an omelet full of lots of red pepper and onion plus a cup of tea. Tea tea. I even had time to drink it.

I like eating in the mornings.

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