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30 July 2008

I want a salad.

I had salad for lunch today. I had two salads for dinner last night. All I want to eat is salad, and it's not even that hot out. But salad!

I went to the store and got butter lettuce and tomatoes and carrots and mushrooms and avocados and cucumber and some fairly extravagant organic mesclun mix that was on sale for $2.50/lb. Then I made salads.

Avocado and tomato salad

a little salt

Peel and chop the avocado. Don't peel but also chop the tomato. Put it in a bowl with a sprinkle of salt, and maybe a little lemon juice if you're not going to eat everything instantly. Stir it up and eat it instantly. Instantly!!

I was excited about this one because of the heirloom tomatoes. The yellow one was a plum variety with nearly solid flesh inside. The red one, though, could almost have been a bell pepper when you looked at structure. The seeds nearly fell out of the tomato when I cut it up. It would have been great for stuffing with something like cold rice and spinach salad, or something like cottage cheese and mint.

Greens and feta salad

mesclun mix/other lettuce
mild feta
vinaigrette, homemade or not

Wash and tear up some greens; put a handful of them in your bowl. Add as many feta crumbles as you like. I'm pretty sensitive to any feta but the absolute mildest, so I used only a tiny bit. Add vinaigrette, stir it up, and eat it also instantly.

This is a pretty classic, ordinary salad, but it was really good. I had another white peach with it.

Afterward we sat around eating raspberries and more salad leaves out of the bag. Tonight I plan to eat even more salad. Salad.

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