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02 July 2008

Raw fruit for summers

Wow, I'm exhausted.

However, guess what season it is?


Figs are great. One reason figs are great: they require little to no cooking, and yet are awesome. For instance, today for breakfast I had two figs and two pieces of bread. That was it. For another instance, here is a fruit salad:

A fruit salad

half a cantaloupe
a barely ripe banana
some figs
lemon juice

Seed the cantaloupe and scoop out chunks into two bowls. Slice a banana into chunks and divide the chunks into two bowls. Cut the stems off the figs, chop them up, and divide them into two bowls. Add any juice left over in the cantaloupe shell, plus a little fresh lemon juice. You can do this without lemon juice if you want; I had some lying around. Mix each salad up and eat it.

Clearly you can use whatever fruit you have lying around for this sort of thing. You can also add a honey drizzle or some chopped mint for extra deliciousness.

These are great for 1. when you are sick and have no energy for cooking, 2. when you are just tired and have no energy for cooking, or 3. when it is too hot outside for cooking.

I may end up making another one for dinner. I'm really tired.

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