Leftovers are awesome ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

20 July 2009

Leftovers are awesome

For one thing, they mean I get lunch that looks like this and is awesome in kind.

Penne with summer squash and basil

penne/other pasta
olive oil
summer squash, any kind
fresh basil
optional mozzarella/other cheese
salt, pepper

Totally simple; totally fast. Make sure your vegetables are good.

Cook penne while your vegetables are going; drain at an appropriate time.

Warm some olive oil in a saute pan while you smash, peel, and chop several cloves of garlic. Throw the garlic into the olive oil and let soften.

Wash a summer squash or two. I used one yellow squash and one zucchini, because I think squash is awesome and we have a predictable summer overstock. Seriously, squash and pasta: do it.

Chop your squash into whatever shape you want. I made half-moons.

Add the squash to the pan, along with a big pinch of salt and some ground pepper. Stir it up, getting the garlicky olive oil everywhere, and let cook for about five minutes.

While all that is happening, pick a handful of basil off your plants (or a bunch of basil, whatever). Destem them and chop them into fine slices for a chiffonade. Or you can tear them into big rough pieces if you want. Do whatever floats your boat. You can also cube some mozzarella or grate some parmesan, if you like that kind of thing.

When the squash are cooked through and everything tastes good, turn off the heat. Add your drained pasta and most of your shredded basil to the veg; stir to distribute things evenly and wilt the basil.

Put it on a plate, add some cheese and some more basil, and eat it.

You can also make garlic green beans.

Garlic green beans: ridiculously easy

olive oil
green beans
salt, pepper

Soften garlic in oil; add trimmed beans, salt, and pepper. Cook, with a dribble of water and a closed lid for good steam, until done. Three to five minutes should do it.

Now you can go to bed, ok?

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