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29 July 2009

The rest of the currants

Somehow these things got me to bake twice in one week, and during summer. Well, ok, it was the currants plus our ridiculous everlasting supply of peaches. I don't even like peaches that much; they have that little bitter aftertaste, they can get mealy or stringy, and the skin is so much damn work! I hate having to peel the damn things every time I want to eat them. CSA, I love you, but why can't you give us nectarines?

The blueberries, in contrast, are gone fifteen minutes after we unpack the weekly box.


So we had currants plus peaches. Clearly, we had to bake them.

Ok, yes, it's much more work than just peeling and eating a peach, but the reward is so much better.

Currant peach crumble

red currants/other berries
peaches/other summer stone fruit
rolled oats
wheat flour
butter/earth balance, I guess

Ok. Grease a casserole dish with some butter or earth balance. Preheat the oven to 350F. I know, it's summer and you're going to die of heat. Preheat it anyway.

Peel and slice about five or six peaches. I used a vegetable peeler as opposed to cutting a cross in each and blanching them; it was fine. Put your completed slices in the dish. Pull all the currants you have off their stems, and scatter them over the dish. Get things reasonably evenly distributed.

Drizzle some honey over all the fruit. You could also put a little cinnamon if you want; I wanted nothing but massive amounts of fruit, so I left mine alone.

Fruit done. Make the crumble.

In a big bowl, mix approximately equal amounts of flour and rolled oats with a big pinch of salt. Throw in a big chunk of butter (cut into pieces if you want), and rub it all together with your hands until everything sticks in big soft doughy clumps.

Spread the crumble over the fruit and put the dish in the oven.

Now bake, turning once, for maybe twenty minutes, or until the crumble is golden brown and the fruit is sizzling and juicy.

Done! Crumble!

Clearly, crumble wants ice cream, plain yogurt, or sour cream, but we had ours plain, and that was also good.

Also clearly, you can use practically any fruit you want to make a good crumble. Plums, cherries, nectarines, apricots, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries: whatever summer fruit you want, the result will be good.

For a third clearly, you don't have to eat something like this just for dessert. I ate the end of our pan for breakfast the next morning, after a quick warmup in the toaster oven. You know how there's no better breakfast than homemade pie? This one is first runner up.


MxH said...

The reason you do not like peaches is because you have not eaten Texas peaches, which are so full and ripe and fat that a mere poke will rupture them. They are incredibly messy and it takes thought and skill not to get it all over your face. Also, they are not stringy or bitter and the skin is to be eaten with the peach, since it's the only thing holding the juices in. But it's thin and easy to ignore, although initially it's difficult to forgive the furry texture.

MxH said...

I forgot to say that they are sweet. Gloriously sweet.

Eileen said...

we totally had white peaches like that in california too--you know the white ones that are about to explode the minute you touch them--but here they are not like that! they are still fresh, real peaches, but not like THAT. I think this is just a function of living in the north. here, apples and bitter greens are awesome; peaches and pineapple are really not. well, really, I should substitute something that can actually be grown in the north, but still.