Salad salad salad gonna turn into fall ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

01 July 2009

Salad salad salad gonna turn into fall

you and your baby doll/better go to the beach

and, uh, eat salad there?

Not tzatziki cucumber salad

fresh dill
plain yogurt/vegan sub
salt, pepper
(red onion if you have any)

Cut a cucumber, or however much cucumber you want to eat, into half-moons. Rip the fronds off a handful of dill and chop them roughly. Mince and chop some red onion if you have it; red onion makes everything better. Deposit everything into a reasonably sized bowl.

Add salt, pepper, and a big spoonful of plain yogurt. Stir the business together, adding more yogurt or veg if your balance is off.

Eat it!

This business is excellent with various bread. Make biscuits, rip them open, and fill them with salad. Cut flatbread or decent pita into pieces, toast them in the toaster oven (or I guess real oven), and dip them in salad. Make a whole sandwich and fill it with the salad, plus maybe some slivered red pepper and decent tomato and I don't know, what kind of cheese would work here? Something spreadable and goaty? Havarti or emmenthaler? Just a boatload of cottage cheese, mixed into the salad to make it an actual sandwich filler? I think that last one is the way to go.

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