Salad salad ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

23 July 2009

Salad salad

Sometimes you just have to bow to the massive vegetable supremacy of the CSA box and make a damn salad.

A Salad.

green beans
salt, pepper
(anything else you want)

First, do the cooking part of the salad.

Hard boil an egg per person. To do this, put your eggs in a pot of cold water. Make sure the water is high enough to cover your eggs. Put the pan on the heat, bring to a boil, lower to a simmer, and cook for about 9 minutes. When the time is up, whip the eggs immediately out of the hot water and into an ice water bath, i.e. a bowl filled with cold water and ice. Let them sit and cool while you prep the rest of the salad.

Wash a big handful of green beans and cut them into pieces. Blanch or steam in boiling water for about two or three minutes. I just threw mine in the pot with the eggs at the end of cooking; it's fine. When your beans are done, immediately run them under cold water as well; this stops the cooking and sets their bright green color.

Ok, cooking part over.

Wash, dry, and chop up the lettuce; mine was redleaf. I think there might be some frisee in there too, but I can't see any under the piles of green beans. Any reasonable salady lettuce is clearly fine. Distribute your lettuce into bowls and dress with a little bit of vinaigrette.

Wash, trim, and slice a radish or two; add the slices to your salads. Throw a handful of green beans on top. Peel your eggs by whacking them soundly all over with the back of a spoon, then starting at the wide end and getting under the membrane. If you have issues, try running them under cold water to get off any little bits of peel. Quarter them and add them to each salad. Chop up some fresh parsley and scatter it over the top.

Vinaigrette, salt, pepper.

Eat it all.

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