TOMATOWNED ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

20 July 2010


Dearest farmer's market:

If you keep giving me perfect exciting cucumbers and gigantic purple heirloom tomatoes, I'm just going to have to keep cutting them up, salting them, mixing them together, eating them voraciously, and drinking the last specks of tomato juice out of the bottom of the bowl. I only hope you are prepared to live with the results of your actions.



management said...

Oh, or you could add a dab of orange vinegar.

eileen said...

hmm, I've never had orange vinegar! lemon, yes, but not orange. intersting...I bet it would be really great with fennel salads.

management said...

The Texas Olive Ranch sells a variety of fancy flavored olive oils and vinegars. At first blush, this strikes me as something you would not be interested in purchasing. You can do your own infusing, and prefer handmade products. But it's always nice to get a sense of what is out there on the market, either to crib from, or as an object lesson.