Desperate lunches for desperate times ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

28 February 2011

Desperate lunches for desperate times

So here's what I have for lunch and/or dinner when things are BUSY:

Raita made of labneh mixed with chopped Persian cucumber, parsley, and pepper, toasty pita bread, raw mushrooms, and carrot sticks.

Purple carrots! These actually do taste more intensely carroty than standard grocery store carrots, which is just a bonus on top of the purple quotient. I have to try some of the yellow carrots one of these days.

If I have more time and/or patience for chopping and assembly, I make something like this sandwich. Wheat berry bread (note: Brownberry bread, why are you marketed as Oroweat in CA? Is this one of those Hellmann's/Best Foods or Edy's/Dreyer's things? WHY?) with mushrooms, mozzarella, salami, mixed parsley and cilantro, another layer of mushrooms, mixed winter greens, and dijon mustard. I think there may have been some black pepper in there too. On the side we have a delightful fuji apple.

What do you eat when you have roughly one million things to do and the news is claiming your every second of non-work attention?


Rebecca said...

Non-grocery-store carrots are the best! My winter CSA brought me yellow carrots sometimes, and they were both carroty-tasting and intensely sweet. No purple ones this year, though.

When Times Are Busy I eat a lot of avocado and brie sandwiches, because they are the easiest thing to assemble and also they are decadent enough that I don't feel sorry for myself because I am living on sandwiches.

Jes said...

Shoot, your busy food is way better than my busy food, which mostly consists of pasta tossed with nutritional yeast & olive oil and whatever else I can scrounge up. I should think about sandwiches more--I love them so much but never make them!

Eileen said...

Rebecca, I do the avocado sandwiches too! Mine are usually with cream cheese, though, since I'm enough of a lightweight w/ regard to French cheese that even brie is a little difficult. Avocado and black pepper sandwiches with whatever greens I can scrounge (usually chard or arugula) are also in heavy rotation.

Jes, your pasta sounds remarkably like my dinner last night--spaghetti w/ olive oil, garlic, peppers, eggplant, and canned tomato, mixed with labneh to create immediate pseudo-cream sauce. We used to do a lot of straight aglio e olio, with garlic and lots of jalapenos, plus whatever pathetic rind of grating cheese was in the fridge.

Now I want lunch!