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03 March 2011

Carrot salad excitement

In further purple carrot news, would you like a salad?

When I came across this lovely carrot salad on Everybody Likes Sandwiches, I immediately gave it a try. No, really: I was idly reading the internet, waiting for my sandwich to toast, when I found said salad recipe. I made it on the spot.

This could not be easier. I just scrubbed three smaller purple carrots, julienned them by hand, and mixed them with a squeeze of lemon juice, a trickle of olive oil, and a sprinkle of coarse salt. I forgot to add minced garlic, but that's ok; it would've been hard for my 3/4 cup of carrot julienne to stand up to even one clove of raw garlic. I'll definitely try the garlic version when I have a higher proportion of carrot around, though. Perhaps after the farmer's market this weekend.

The resulting salad was juicy and crisp, with a nice sweet-salt-tart flavor mix. It was excellent with a grilled cheese (ok, baked-in-the-toaster-oven cheese) sandwich with dijon mustard and winter greens.

Make some!

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