Ok, yes. I do eat a lot of pasta. ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

31 May 2011

Ok, yes. I do eat a lot of pasta.

I know pasta is kind of boring--but doesn't it look wonderful?

This one is whole wheat spaghetti with olive oil, fresh garlic, jalapeño, lots of both green and yellow zucchini, spinach, basil, oregano, salt, & pepper. I would eat this again right now. Actually, maybe I should go do that.


Monica said...

That DOES look wonderful, and I LOVE the sound of jalapeno in pasta. I often add crushed red chili but the jalaepeno would add a different flavour dimension. Must try.

Eileen said...

Thanks! It does indeed give a different flavor, and I love being able to use the peppers fresh. Pasta aglio e olio with plenty of jalapenos and garlic in olive oil is a staple at our house too--it has a very green and almost herbal taste along with the spice. You should definitely try it!