Spaghetti breakfast ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

15 May 2011

Spaghetti breakfast

Take whole wheat spaghetti & smother it in a massive sauce made from olive oil, garlic, onion, tomato puree, salt, pepper, basil, & oregano. Cover it with your choice of grating cheese. Eat it for breakfast and fill yourself with energy!

I had the best workday in quite a while on the back of this epic amount of goodness. It was the greatest breakfast ever.


management said...

I highly endorse dinner for breakfast. In my experience heavyweight food -- fat, protein, carbs -- are all more readily absorbed in the morning, whereas the same meal at 9 in the evening will weigh me down and tire me out. That is my 2¢.

Eileen said...

Absolutely. I like whole wheat pasta in particular for breakfast, since you get the long-term sustenance factor. Awesome.