Genmaicha! ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

13 February 2012


cheap genmaicha tea
Let's talk about genmaicha. It's green tea with toasted rice, and it's one of my absolute favorite teas of all time. Of all time! And yet I somehow never had any at home until this past Saturday when I took a walk up to 99 Ranch--one of several local Asian markets--to make my tea cabinet complete. Or, you know, at least to get some genmaicha. Realistically, the tea cabinet will never be complete.

My 7-ounce bag of genmaicha cost $3.99. Through the power of division, I discovered that the base price was 57 cents an ounce.

So let's compare this to some other genmaicha prices.
- Teavana gyokuro genmaicha costs $6/oz. In fairness, Teavana teas are really high-end, but still.
- Republic of Tea's Tea of Inquiry is $3.43/oz in the tin and $2.50/oz in bulk.
- Choice Organic Genmaicha is $3.97/oz with the Amazon discount, but $4.53/oz at full price.

This, chickens, is why you should check out your local ethnic markets. They are amazingly affordable as well as exciting. Go exploring and see what delightfully tasty yet cheap food you can find!


eatme_delicious said...

I buy my genmaicha from an Asian grocery store too. :) Though I buy most of my tea from David's Tea ahhh I love their teas.

Eileen said...

Yeah, I definitely have my tea favorites too. :) I actually buy quite a few from the bulk bins at a local health food store--and you know the bulk bins are always good!