Garlic dill pickles! ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

25 July 2012

Garlic dill pickles!

homemade garlic dill pickles

There was an entire box of cucumbers in the sort-out bins at the farmer's market this weekend. What better opportunity for pickle-making?

Ok, if I grew my own cucumbers and was suddenly drowning in all the harvest, that would be a better opportunity, yes, but I didn't do that this year. Although I suppose I could start some vines and go ahead--we still have a good two months of serious heat to go. Hey, why not? I did it last year at about this time.

Anyway. Pickles!

farmer's market cucumbers

Obviously these are not pickling cucumbers. Oh well; let's see what kind of results I get.

I used the garlic dill pickle recipe from Food in Jars.

These were very easy. I soaked my cucumbers in water for several hours, dried them, and cut them into fat chunks. I stuffed the pieces into four sterilized regular-mouth pint jars with dill seed, red pepper flakes, peppercorns, and a couple cloves of garlic each. I made a half recipe of brine by boiling vinegar, water, and pickling salt, and poured it over the cucumbers, filling to 1/2 inch headspace. I wiped the rims, lidded and ringed the jars with sterilized equipage, stuck them in a rack, and processed them in the boiling water canner for 10 minutes. Then I let them cool overnight on a cooling rack on the kitchen counter.

I'm having kind of a hard time not just popping open a jar and eating a few of these, but you're supposed to let canned pickles age for at least a couple weeks, so. I will be good!

homemade garlic dill pickles

It became obvious a few days later, when I was sitting around thinking about how I should make a batch of dilly beans, that I should have made both recipes at once and concentrated the canning heat and vinegar brine into one two-hour session. Oh well--now I have a better plan for next time.

Hooray! Pickles!


Stacy G. said...

That one curly cuke is so funky, like a snake!

Caz said...

I've never tried pickling anything before. Thanks for taking us through the process. Would love to know how these turn out!

Shu Han said...

why are these not picklign cucumbers? I find these ridged ones are much crisper and remain nice and crunchy after pickling rather than the usual smooth stripey ones.

OH. you mean the shape. hah.

anyway lovely job, I love dill pickles! esp in sandwiches or in tartare sauce with fish. yumm!

Monet said...

Hi Eileen! I recently discovered a love of pickles...and I can't go back! These look delicious. I need to get some jars now!

Gracey said...

I've always liked garlic, and pickles, never had them together before but it looks good!

Eileen said...

Hi guys! So glad everyone is getting inspired by pickles! I'll definitely report back when I crack open the first jar.

When I picture pickling cucumbers, I think of straight, thin 4-inch guys that have small seed chambers and little warts sticking out all over. These guys are the right type as far as I know, but they're pretty big & weird-shaped for making whole pickles! & I absolutely could not resist buying the curliest cucumber in the land. :)

Michelle said...

Pickling is way too easy, so why I never do it, I'll never know. Oh I know. Cucumbers never last in my house. I buy them regularly just to eat as is!

kristina said...

The curly cucumber is cracking me up!

I use whatever cucumbers look nice when I make pickles, but admittedly I am more of a refrigerator pickle-pickler...I suspect that they'll work fine though.

I've never made garlic pickles but I like them in sandwiches so I need to make these soon.

Joanne said...

Mmm I LOVE pickles! I really hope these turn out!

Stephanie said...

Love it! I just made a batch myself the other day. Look at those shapes-how cool!

Liz said...

zomg, those cukes are like live snakes, and by that I mean enchanting! also, I'm totally unable to resist pickles. this is so rad. ^^b

Kimberley said...

I must make pickles this summer! Thanks for the reminder.

nancy at good food matters said...

Nicely done! It doesn't take as long as you might think to preserve the bounty of summer. And, it's fun.

before you know it, you'll be enjoying your pickles!