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12 July 2012

Plums III: revenge of the smoothies

plum yogurt spinach smoothie

My preferred breakfast these days is coffee with milk. Half the time I don't eat anything else until 1 pm. Clearly this is not the best plan. So, since I still had a million plums everywhere, I decided to follow the Guybrush Threepwood school of cooking and address my need to eat actual food-based breakfast by using my abundant fruit with the common household blender.

I don't generally do a lot of smoothies, green monsters, or what have you, so I just improvised. The result was a delightful tangy mauve concoction, thickened by yogurt & sweetened by all the fruit in the land. Good deal.

Plum-yogurt-spinach smoothie

3/4c plain yogurt
1 tsp flaxseed meal
1 handful spinach leaves with stems, washed
10 small plums (or 3-4 large plums)
1 nectarine (or more plums)

Put everything in a blender (in order, so the leaves block the flaxseed meal from flying all over the place, and the fruit weighs everything down such that everything mixes with minimal scraping) and blend until smooth.

plum yogurt spinach smoothie


I left a little bit of texture in the finished product. I will say that I could taste the spinach--probably since I didn't want to add any ubiquitious smoothie bananas--but I don't think that's a problem. The best breakfasts have some vegetables in them anyway, right? It's like Brooklyn brunch: it always comes with a salad. Perfect.


fabiola@notjustbaked said...

Dude! This is an awesome start to smoothies and breakfast. Especially being bold and adding spinach, yum!

Jes said...

I'm going to start telling people I'm drinking a Brooklyn brunch now when they ask what my glass of green is. :)

Love the plums in it. Add vodka or white rum for a little sumpin sumpin? ;)

Stacy G. said...

Just found your blog. I'm a NorCal would be urban farmer too. We are about to get a ton of Santa Rosa plums from my parents' tree, so I will certainly keep smoothies in mind as a viable option. Just hope our plums aren't too sour.

Caz said...

Yay for eating breakfast! I'm only just venturing in to the world of smoothies myself but I haven't tried adding greens yet. This looks really delicious and a great way of using up all those plums.

brandi said...

i love the sound of this smoothie!

Kat said...

Coffee and milk for breakfast is my breakfast of choice. Seriously, I'm the same way. This smoothie is a great idea for a (healthier) liquid breakfast, and certainly a good way to make use of your plum harvest!

Eileen said...

Yay smoothies! After several days, I can say that these are definitely a viable way to use up any random fruit--and to actually get some much-needed nourishment in before 10 am. Stacy, if your plums are too sour, you could always go for some honey or maple syrup to give them a boost!

emmycooks said...

I love blending up fruits and vegetables to make them smaller so I can get more of them into my mouth. I should drink more smoothies!

Lena Mumenthaler said...

I would love to make smoothies for breakfast more often, but really, early in the morning I am not awake enough to crank out the blender and to do the dishes after I made a mess.
It makes me really sad for all the smoothies I could have but don't.
The combination of plums and nectarine sounds delicious, though. I think I need to give smoothies a try for weekends.