A totally normal lunch ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

09 December 2013

A totally normal lunch

crispbread with cream cheese, pickled peppers, and parsley

Before we jump entirely into the holiday fray, let's talk about one more ordinary thing.

Nearly instant lunch? Yes.

Get yourself some crackers, crispbread, or actual bread of your choice. This is sourdough crispbread, which is delicious & optimal, but you can pretty much use any bread-type item you have lying around.

Spread your crispbread with cream cheese. Sprinkle with pickled peppers, or fresh chopped bell peppers if you prefer. (You totally want pickled peppers, however. I've been making these pickled peppers from Emmycooks for a good year, and I plan to continue for the foreseeable future. SO GOOD.) Do you want to add any other raw veg? Go for it.

Add chopped parsley. Grind some black pepper over the whole plate.

Hey, look! Lunch!

Have an apple or a couple of clementines and feel well satisfied.

Tomorrow (or whenever I next post): HOLIDAY ZOMGG


Monet said...

What a simple and flavorful and perfect lunch. Crisp and creamy. I'm all about texture! Thank you for sharing!

Erin @ The Speckled Palate said...

LOVE simplicity but the layers of this for lunch. I've been known to make something similar, and you just can't beat this flavor combination. Great idea!

Haley @ Cheap Recipe Blog said...

Love it. This is how I eat a lot of the time. What do I have in the fridge? I'll make it work :)